Workshops for Education and Stimulation

Workshops are a great way to pass on the techniques and passion for sculpture, as well as meeting people with a different outlook on life, which in turn helps to fuel my own creative endeavours.

My day-long workshops are designed to educate, stimulate and entertain. The aim being to promote sculpture and art through workshops and demonstrations, particularly for young people. Recycling and re-use of raw materials is strongly encouraged to reduce adverse environmental impact.

The emphasis is on diversity, participation and learning. Block carving (using breeze blocks) is often used and is a very popular method with all ages. Breeze blocks are soft and easy to carve and, as such, safe to use.

I frequently take part in the Children's Art Workshop for Maldon Art Trail, where a group of artists come together on the day to encourage children to express their creativity in a range of different ways. The day has proved extremely popular in the past.

Family Sculpture day is held annually on the front lawn of Chelmsford Museum. It is an all day event promoting sculpture and encouraging young and old to try their hand at 3D workshops. Experienced artists are in attendance and the event is free!

I run regular workshops at a Family Centre in Chelmsford and at the local school in Southminster during half-term holidays and throughout the summer break, all of which can be quite a challenge! These workshops are often themed - as with the masks shown here.

The hope for the future is to offer opportunities to other artists and young people to work alongside each other on various projects bringing together a wide range of people and talents.