About Me and My Modus Operandi

I am a wood carver, sculptor, and artist based in Essex and I like to experiment with my environment. I also run workshops for environmental and educational purposes - hence "environmental experimentor" (one who experiments with their environment and passes this knowledge on).

My inspiration largely comes from the environment and coastal landscape where I live. Nature in all its movement, energy and natural form are big influences in my life and work. I use concepts that are either topical or abstract and I like to finish pieces naturally, leaving them 'unfinished' in selected areas thereby bringing out the beauty of the material used. I will often only realise where my inspiration came from after finishing a piece of work!

I am conscious of the environmental impact my work has and never use anything new where I can possibly help it. I'm a great believer in re-using things. I will take into consideration the impact my tools may have on my environment and also whether any waste is re-usable.

Everything I use comes from either managed and renewable sources or was previously used as something else. If I can save it and use it I will, rather than seeing it go unnecessarily to landfill. My grandfather and my father were great collectors of bits and pieces that would all "come in handy one day", and I am still using some of those bits and pieces today. Judging by the size of my own collection, it seems this trait runs in the family!

I have deliberated over the the use of the chainsaw and welding in my work and whether they can be justified. Both activities are kept to the minimum possible and are always conducted in safe environments. This keeps any emissions and noise pollution low and waste is contained and manageable. Contrasted with the even lower environmental impact my materials produce, I am happy with my use of the chainsaw and welder - unless anyone can convince me otherwise.

I learnt many of my techniques, such as marbling and wood-graining, from my father, who took great pride in his work as a painter and decorator. Much of my early working life was spent with him and this background gave me the confidence to work in many different mediums.