Outdoor Features for the Park or Garden

Carving a large dragons head for a private garden was an interesting and challenging piece of work and involved some new techniques for me.

I have also built structures, large and small, for public gardens and parks, including a Totem Pole for Hylands Park, near Chelmsford, the Cowled Monk at Marks Hall Estate near Coggeshall in Essex (see Galleries), a dragon carving in Danbury Park, and a large jigsaw structure for the "FUN IN THE PARK" day in Hylands Park.

Imagine sitting in your own gazebo or summer house; made of wood with a sturdy slate roof and walls covered with wicker work. Or a living structure made of live willow, which will cocoon you in its warmth in winter and its coolness in summer, and sigh and breathe in the breeze.

The wire figure (right) could be left to become overgrown. Placed in amongst the flower beds it will provide an element of mystery and curiosity, especially at night when the solar powered LED lights come on. I have been experimenting with solar panels to provide lighting effects for outdoor pieces to provide additional interest. This also ties in with my idea of using sustainable materials and being kind to the environment.

The carving (right), entitled "Sit and Ponder", is an original piece of work with my own words. It reflects my love of the natural beauty around me and the idea of taking time to appreciate it.